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​Quilting Services

Here at Tunni's Quilting & Creations our goal is to create beautifully quilted designs for your special quilt. Whether you already know the basics or are just starting out, call our quilt shop today and ask about our quilting classes and services.


LILLY JUNE an Innova 26in long armon a 12ft frame can complete a quilt as large as a 120 x 120 on point quilt easily and professionally. Currently Lilly June is hand operated (NO COMPUTER) via Edge to Edge (E2E) Pantograph and free motion quilting.

Quilt designs start at $0.02 per square inch:

L _____ x W _____ = SQ IN ______ x $0.02 = Cost of Quilting __________.

54 x 54 = 2916 x $0.02 = $58.32 (Minimum charge will be $45.00)

The $0.02 INCLUDES one simple Pantograph design.

Pantographs designs to choose from….click here.

**In some cases, the design you choose may be a little more expensive based on the quilting density or pattern size, but Tunni will not surprise you! Our minimum quilting cost is $45 per quilt. No payment is due until your quilt is completed.

If you wish to save cost, please provide your own batting and backing. HOWEVER, you must ensure that your batting and backing measure 8 inches on all sides to ensure that Lilly June will be able to complete your project properly. PLEASE SEE BELOW the PREPARATIONS NEEDED prior to bring your quilt top to Tunni and Lilly June.


  • Batting sold by the square inch (Lilly June needs 8 extra inches on all sides to ensure proper quilting)
  • Quilt trimming services available per linear inch
  • Machine/hand sewing binding per linear inch
  • Machine sewn binding to one side only per linear inch
  • Drop by shop to speak to Tunni about price per linear inch

If you are interested in Tunni & Lilly June to complete your quilting project, please complete the following PREPARATIONS to your quilt, back and batting:

  • Quilt needs to be Squared-up and Pressed. If quilt top needs to be pressed by Tunni’s staff, extra cost will be added to your final bill.
  • Backing must be 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your quilt top and must be Squared-up and Pressed.
  • Batting must be the same length and width as backing and free of wrinkles as best as you can. Lilly June does not quilt Polyester batting very well. If you must use polyester batting, the only acceptable brand is HOBBS.
  • Seams should be pressed flat, “dog ears” trimmed, quilt edges even, all loose thread removed, and seams at the quilt’s edge backstitched. WE CANNOT QUILT with OPEN SEAMS. Your quilt top should lay flat for best results **
  • You can drop off your quilts or set an appointment to visit about your quilt top. Call the shop (931-246-4114).
  • If you are not local to Lewisburg, TN and need to mail your quilt, contact Tunni for a Drop Off form which will be e-mailed or mailed to you at time of request.

**If any additional work needs to be completed with your quilt prior to loading quilt top, batting, backing on Lilly June, additional cost may be incurred. All additional issues will be discussed prior to quilt top being loaded on Lilly June.

Tunni (Tonja Wheeler) specializes in Tshirt quilts for those special memories and also makes sports wear quilts for memorialize the great times your child, teen or loved one did while participating in a sports activity. Memory quilts from clothing or special items once owned by a loved one that special memories need to be keep close to kith and kin. If you have a loved one who quilted blocks, quilt tops and you have no idea what to do with it, but want to keep the memory in the family, Tunni specializes in creating memories from those UFOs (un-finished objects).

If you are looking for exceptional quilting services or classes, call Tunni's Quilting & Creations in Lewisburg, TN today! We also provide long arm quilting services and have a quilting club.