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Quilting Classes

If you wish to learn to quilt, please come by and check out our classes being offered at Tunni’s Quilting & Creations. Tunni will begin with the basics of sewing machines. If you wish to quilt, one must understand the machine they are working with. The basic sewing machine classes to advanced sewing machine classes offered will help to ensure that your project(s) from sewing on a button to making a pair of jeans will be the best experience offered.

Quilting has become such a diversified art and it is not for the old. Tunni wishes to include all ages to come and enjoy the ART of Quilting. Classes that will be offered:

Once you understand the sewing machine you will use, you can advance to:

Basic Rotary Cutting and How to use a Quilt Ruler and Cutting Mat

All quilting starts with material and a rotary cutter or scissors. If the material is not cut straight, then the entire quilt will have piecing problems. Tunni will teach each student how to properly use a rotary cutter, cutting mat and the correct types of rulers. Students will be provided a rotary cutter, different types of rulers and how to line material on the cutting mat, line up the ruler, the correct way to hold ruler while slicing material. Beginner or established quilters are encouraged to take this class. Proper cutting techniques lead to better quilting projects

Beginning Quilt Piecing Class 5 Week Class

Once students have an understanding of basic rotary cutting, a 5 week basic piecing class will teach students how to cut and piece a 9 patch, Shoo Fly, Broken Dish and Rail Fence. This class will teach students the 4 basic quilt blocks used for centuries by quilters around the world. When completed, the student will have pieced 4 blocks that can be made in to a wall hanging or a table runner. Each week a new block will be completed in the last week, all four blocks and a basic sashing will be added to complete project. Beginning students are encouraged to purchase the Quilt Piece Kit provided by Tunni’s. This will ensure that the student will have the correct material and thread needed to complete project. Students are also encouraged to bring their own sewing machine and they should know how to operate their machine prior starting this class. If help is needed in operating sewing machine, please check out our Basic Sewing Class prior to enrolling for Beginning Quilting Piecing Class.

Doodling with Paper/Pencil to Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quilting starts with doodling with paper and pencil or pen. Students will be provided with a sketch book and various drawing pens and pencils. Also, different types of stencils and drawing ideas will be shared by the class. Students will begin by drawing circles, curves and different shapes to encourage hand, eye, and muscle memory needed for the creative art of free motion quilting. Once the art of doodling is successfully mastered by student, the each student will then have time to sit down at a domestic sewing machine that has free motion quilting capabilities or the 18” Innova sit down quilter with a sandwiched piece of material, batting and backing to take their art work to the machine.

Free Motion Quilting (4 students at a time)

This class will be offered to students who have a machine that has Free Motion Quilting or the ability for their machine to drop the dog feeds and can have material sewing freely. Tunni’s offers 4 Viking Quilting Machines to offer this class. Students will be taught how to freely move material, batting and backing under a needle with colored thread to show the creativity of free motion quilting and the new avenues that can be opened to enhance their quilt projects

Long Arm Quilting Certificationor Sit-down (Midarm) Certification (3 hour) and Rental $15.00 hr

Students will learn what the difference between a Long Arm Quilter and a Domestic Sewing Machine. Students will understand how to thread the quilter and the importance of properly threading quilter. Students will learn how to wind a bobbin, how to check bobbin tension prior to inserting bobbin case into machine and then the proper top/bottom tension needed for quilter. Students will learn how to properly load quilt top, batting and backing to quilt leaders via pinning method. Once proper top/bottom tension is established, students will learn how the machine runs, stop starts, pulling up thread from bobbin case and what to do if tension is not accurate. Once student is comfortable with machine, learn how to do pantographs and edge to edge work and the beginning of free motion quilting. Certification will last for 1 year. Student is encouraged to rent long arm at least one time in a 12 month time period.

Long Arm Quilting Certification will give the student the ability to understand how the machine works and if they are wanting to purchase a machine, this will give them the perfect opportunity to test drive a machine and ask questions that they are not always encouraged to ask when attending large Quilt Show/Conventions. If the student has already attended a show, but did not have the time to ask questions, this is a great opportunity to come ask the person who knows and uses the long arm quilter.

RENTAL: After student is certified in working with Long Arm or Sit-down model, the student will be able to rent machines for $15.00/hr with a 2 hr minimum. Certification will last 1 year from time class is taken.